What Has the Union Done for You Lately?

Union Worked to Save SRP


By Nanda Jain, Adjunct Math Faculty SJCC/EVC

Last semester Barbara Hanfling, executive director of San Jose/Evergreen Federation of Teachers, AFT 6157, and Jory Segal, AFT 6157 adjunct faculty expert, worked together to help save SRP (Seniority Re-employment Preference) of me, Nanda Jain, an adjunct faculty.

Nanda Jain an adjunct faculty did not receive any teaching assignment at San Jose City College in Fall 2016. So she joined Evergreen Valley College. There she got 40% teaching load for Spring 2017. Later San Jose City College offered her one class with 33.33% load. Nanda could not take the assignment because of maximum load for adjuncts in the same district. In this situation she could lose her SRP. Jory Segal worked to find all the options for her.

The best option for her was to teach 40% load in Evergreen and remaining load in SJCC without losing SRP. Jory and Barbara discussed this with Vice President Duncan Graham. He kindly agreed with this option and allowed me to teach in both colleges and maintain my SRP.